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All Comments

Has 'Family Guy' as well as Adult Swim cartoons made a lot of other cartoons seem kind of dull?
Family Guy and Adult Swim are the best! The Simpsons plus most other cartoons seem less interesting now that I've been watching those two for so long now.
omg i luv family guy
The better adult cartoon -- The Critic, The Simpsons or Family Guy?
Obviously Simpsons has been the longest running, but has lost some edge over the years. I came across The Critic on TV and haven't seen it in a while....I forgot how funny that show was. There are some great Hollywood/movie references. I'm also a Family Guy fan as well....
Out of these 3 family guy is the best. But you forgot the greatest adult cartoon of all time South Park! You have to look at rewatchability (my own word) I can watch Family Guy or South Park over and over but not the Simpsons
What effect does adult cartoons have on guys?
shows such as, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, Futurama, South Park...

if applicable please include source.
Most guys reenact what is on the show, or tell their friends the scenes with swear words in it because that is 'cool.'

The Simpsons isn't all that bad, but their are some adult concepts.

As for what "effect" the adult cartoons have on guys... they tend to swear a bit more, because they hear the words a lot more often. Depends on how mature the guy is too.
Why do some people hate adult cartoons?
Sometimes, when I mention that I like The Simpsons or South Park, people will be really rude and say, "That show is so stupid!" Yet they seem to have no problem with little guy's shows like Wonderpets, Miss Spider, etc. Why is this?
Some people are too sensible and take the satire and crude comedy too offensively that's why they don't like South Park or Family Guy. They're pretty closed minded but hey, they get offened easily and we don't want them censoring our shows more than they already are so let them watch the guydie shows ^^
What are some good funny adult kinda cartoon shows-south park, family guy, American Dad, simpsons-etc.?
Or are there any other shows like that 70's show?
Robot Chicken on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It is only a 15 minute show, but it is great!
Adult cartoons i can watch?
please does anyone know any funny adult cartoons? old or new, i dont mind. not including anime or southpark, the simpsons, family guy (i take no interest in them except for SP)
Golden Boy.
Is it considered normal for adults to watch cartoons like the simpsons?
I find them interesting to watch the simpsons and family guy.
I don't see anything wrong with it. I still enjoy anime and I am 24 years old. In today's stressfull world I find that watching anime helps my stress level go down. Although my husband may think it is a little immature of me to watch them. I don't really care though do whatever makes you happy:)
How old is too old for cartoons?
I know some people might think that there are some guy’s cartoons that you never grow out of, but this question is excluding those views.

This also excludes adult cartoons (yup, that means the Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy).

And any cartoons on ADULT swim, I consider ADULT cartoons.

Duh. (w00t I have 663 characters left.)
Ryan, It's okay to watch cartoons at any age. I remember about 20 years ago my grandpa, sitting in his recliner, laughin' his @ss off at Bugs Bunny. So, it's all good.
What adult TV animation was popular in the '80s? Please help?
I remember Liquid TV, Daria, Beavis and Butthead, and Celebrity Deathmatch but that's all '90s stuff.
The only adult stuff from the '80s I can remember is the Simpsons.
What other adult cartoons from the '80s was there? Please help me out-thank you.
The question is 'adult' cartoons.

In the 80s, cartoons were still for 'guys', and if an adult liked a cartoon, that was on them, not the direct attempt by the companies.

The only thing would be any anime that happened to leak through, but distribution and discovery of such was hit and miss (did you happen to live in a location where a japanese language station was on the air so you could see this?)

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