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All Comments

Am I wrong to think my 97 Intrepid ES kicks ***?
This 3.5 V6 pushes me back in the seat when I hit the gas. All these guys say their crappy little 4 banger jap crap fast and the fabulous cars are fast cause they have a fancy body kit and paint job on them. If I was younger and inclined to race, wouldn't I smoke them? Should I let a guy take my car out against these punks? would I still be culpable because it is my car?
well.... i have a 97 intrepid too.... and while it is a kickass car.... it's not fast... but neither are the two dopes that answered before me either.... a civic and a subaru HaH!!
Does this guy sound like a bad ***?
9th grade, a rock hard 6 pack, Huge arm muscles, street fights, and knows krav maga, Once beat up a guy and put him in the hospital and got himself arrested, dresses like a gang-banger [ sagging pants, huge shirts, backwards hat, a bandana hanging out of his back pocket etc..], has medium long hair, and has had many girlfriends, and overall can be nice but if he is mad at you, he wants to kill does he sound like a bad *** or a loser?
Sounds like he may have some emotional issues, probably insecure, depressed, history of being abused and/or neglected, maybe ODD or FAS. He should see a doctor to help treat any biological issues that may be affecting his behavior and a counselor to work through the trauma's he's been through and to learn some coping skills.
My boyfriend can be a total ***, What do i do?
we have been together for a while. he just got out of jail and our relationship has been rocky. He use to b a hard-core gang banger, but he cooled down on that. He gets mad at me over small things..but alwayz make up a lil while after we fight. he just got out of jail and i feel that all i have done is dissapoint him. i didnt go to his court date<i went to the wrong court house>,he dont belive me.I lost the money i was gon use to trun his fone back on,and he dont belive me. i just feel so dumb stayin wit him, but when hes not mad...he the sweetst guy ever and i cnt c myself w/o him.but all we so is fight and make up-fight and make up.and it gets annoying..but i love him so much and i dont wanna hurt him.what should i do?
Sit down and have a heart to heart discussion with him.Say I know you have changed your ways in life.But I feel you are always criticising me when all I do is love you.Yes I can be a bit dizzy sometimes,and get things wrong,but it doesn't make me a bad person.I am giving you a chance to change how you act with me,or there won't be any future.I deserve to be treated with respect,not like an imbecile.
Why are party songs today so bad?
From "Billionaire" to "We No Speak Americano", the airwaves are filled with shitty *** songs that only retards could possibly enjoy? My question, why the **** do people enjoy these songs? Put on some Gin and Juice at a party its a banger and its not gay.
I agree with this, although have no answer. I'm just left to wallow in pain, while turning off the radio before another Kesha song blows up my ears.
Do you know who made a Hip Hop song that goes, "aint no pussy like a clean *** pussy"?
Its a Hip Hop club banger and i just gave you the chorus. It also has a fast tempo...Does anyone have the slightest clue??????
is this some ATM talk.
Car banger or ear strangler?

be honest dont just say strangler to be an ***
not too bad, def not an ear strangler, but I wouldn't call it a banger either
How can i get my guy to see its not cool to be a "gang banger"?
hes a 12 1/2 yr old white guy at a mostly hispanic/black school.. lately he comes home talking all this crap like hes some bad *** towards his little brother..i don't want him to be a racist but i also don't want him following these guys and acting like hes some guy off the streets cause hes do i get him to see these guys don't ever turn out to do anything with their lives and its not cool to be an idiot?

i took the wrong path as a young guy but it was drugs and not this new thing of wanting to be a so called "gangster" i cant relate to it so just hoping for some ideas on how to keep him on the right path.
Most gang-bangers come from poor neighborhoods, have little education, and do not have many positive male role models. They know that the odds are already stacked against them and feel that they have to be ‘hard’ in the streets to prove that they are a man. Today’s media glorify the thug life through music and movies so these young boys think that this type of lifestyle is exciting. Truth is, most of these guys end up dead or in jail. I don’t know where you live but some cities offer ‘scared straight’ programs or take him to a state penitentiary. I went to Angola (in Louisiana) once with my church group where the prisoners spoke to us guys about the consequences. Get him involved in some extra-circular activities to keep him busy. Good luck!
Please help, im a guy having girl trouble (girls help please)?
ok me and my next door neighbor like each other but i really think im in love with her and i think she thinks of me as her fallback because she got back together with her ex and im so jealous, im crying, i just wish she would forget his gang banger *** and notice and consider me a little bit
Please don't cry over that.
That's embarrassing.
Girls never want to watch guys cry, they often find humor in it.
Unless they're into that new emo fad... which is the dumbest thing that has ever came across a clothes rack.
Be confident, crying wont do anything but make you look like a guy who is obsessed.
Tell her how you feel, if she's not interested, look for other girls, that are single... and if you like to cry, look for emo girls, but they like guys who make out with other guys, so have fun with that. :)
Why do you all support fake gangstas?
I mean for real there so much good stuff out there, so many under rated artists who live what they rap about, but still people choose to go out and put even more money into some fake *** gang bangers pocket. And its not even like these fake gangstas are really lyrical or sound great, most of them are straight wacc!
Examples please......

I think you will find most people don't like Lil Wayne....anyone else?
What would be good for a 17 yr old a Camaro V8 (5.7) or a Mustang V8 (5.0)?
I am only looking for a 5.0 mustang and the Camaro can be either an LS1 or LT1. But i am still looking for that V8 power but i also need something realiable, cheap (parts), and fast. and i was wondering which one would get better gas mileage i know neither are very good but i just want to know PLEASE dont tell me to buy a 4 banger or any pussy *** imports its only american muscle or nothing.
i agree, dont go and get some crap car, get a muscle. anyway i think you should get the Camaro, its got a bigger engine. even though i like the body of a mustang better, the engine is what matters, right?

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