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Im trying to find these blue track shorts that say"Tear It Up" on the butt i think mayday parade makes them?
I really need a pair of these. They were my girlfriends favorite shorts and her dog chewed em up. I would be a hero if i found them.
erm www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=c…

please help
What company makes the best jeans for a round butt?
I have a butt, and all the jeans I find are for stick people or people that are big all around. I have a small torso, so all the jeans might fit my butt, but they won't fit my thighs or waist. Sometimes the crotch is way too big, or the pants are too long. I know Apple Bottoms fit well, but i don't want to parade around the logo proving I have a nice a**. I just want a nice pair of jeans that fits me well! HELP!!!
I couldn't find any jeans that fit right either, until I found custom made jeans. I get mine at Make Your Own Jeans. They're only $48.00 and you have total control over the style, fit, cut, rise, length, everything. I just love them. You even have choices of different cute pockets and other embellishments. They look great and they're so comfortable because they fit perfectly.
What is the medical term for bleacher butt? And the treatment?
I sat for a long time at a parade today, and couldn't find anything on Web MD.
I am going to call it prolonged stationary gluteal fatigue, since I work in a "medical" field and am therefore at least as reliable as Wikipedia.

A relaxing warm bath could help, but only if you lay face-down in the water, which may lead to drowning.

Octo Lizard, I think the time has come to utilize all those tea bags you've been saving. A nice cushion of damp tea bags in your briefs should do the trick, especially if you wear them overnight.

Let me know how it bottoms out!

Is body fat being mistaken for a 'big butt'?
I've noticed many women parading their asses around in guise of "A big booty" when in reality its simply due to being overweight/large. Are curvy, round and beautiful assess being overshadowed (not literally) by fat women with big butts?

I wonder what guys think when being having a fat *** revealed to them only to find a huge, stretch marked cellulite ridden "booty".

Are some girls fat butts being mistaken for naturally big ones.
It's not just asses, believe me! I'm a curvy girl (NOT fat, I just have a hourglass figure and go in and out in all the right places) and I'm fed up of overweight people calling themselves curvy because it means us REAL curvy girls can't refer to ourselves as curvy, for fear of being mistaken as obese. It's so annoying. Just get over the fact that you are fat and call yourself fat. Because it's not fair on the rest of us!!
Wear undies in low rider jeans or a long shirt?
I have seen 3 different girls unknowingly parade their butt cracks before the world. One girl was walking out of the post office. The other two were during lab classes where the girls (on different days) were sitting down and leaning forward. When you sit down in low-riders the wasteband bows out. Be careful. Unless you know the professor really well, you probably don't want him seeing your buttocks.
i do both. But i typically wear belts.
Lakers!:When and were is the laker parade gonna be?
I really wanna go butt idk where in los angeles help plz(:thankss
probably like last year, the USC Coliseum
4th of July Parade Horse Question?
I am riding with my horse in the 4th of July parade in my town what kind of paint it safe to use on my horse? I want to paint starts on his butt.
yes, use normal, washable paint, non toxic off course!
but this is what we used for a camp one time:
3 parts paint, one part mild, gentle soap, then it will come off much easier!
My butt is sore lol. How can I make it heal fast?
At my school's workouts, we ran at least a mile with all the workouts we did. I also ran a mile afterwards at home. Then I walked at least 1 and a half last night at a parade.

Today my butt cheeks are SORE. It even hurts when I sit down. How can I heal it fast? In like 2 hours? Because I'm going innertubing today at around 3 or so. I don't want it to hurt and I'm so SORE.

It's also my femur's that hurt. (In case you don't know, it's the leg part above the knee)
Your femur is not sore. Your thigh muscles (quadriceps) are sore. You need to soak in a fairly cold tub of water and stay there for l5 minutes.

As to your butt, once again, SIT on some ice for l5 minutes. The inner tube thing is not advised because you're just going to be in pain again.
Will you help Obama with this pig virus and stay home from work or school?
He sure has a lot of bad luck, bless his little skinny butt. Things just keep raining on his parade.
I will definitely be staying home, but not because of the "porcine microbial incident". I want to make sure I'm there when my government check comes in. Funny how it all has to do with pork, isn't it?
What is a Black Parade?
THE BLACK PARADE is a well known album title from My Chemical Romance, butt hmm does anyone know what a Black Parade actually is? if so answer, please
It is when everyone dresses up in black and moan death that has not already happened. They walk on the black cement, on the black road, holding black balloons. Hope I helped!

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