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What kind of bangs fit a round face with chubby cheeks?
bangs across, side swept bangs, emo bangs, etc.?
please help, i'm going to get a haircut and i want to know? also, pics pls? so i could show it to my hairdresser. Thankx lots babes;)
This site has a lot of good pictures with bangs:………

I agree with one of the other answers, side swept bangs look very nice, and if you get longer bangs, you can put them behind your ears as well.
Who else thinks it's gross that all these chubby women are showing off their mid sections?
If you've got the figure for it, then fine. I see nothing wrong in those cases if a woman wants to reveal a little flesh around her waist. But some of these babes...geez, give me a break!
i know what you mean.. i mean i have a pretyy good (well really pretty good lol ) figure and dont show skin just cause i,m not usedto it.. but i always thought if you have nice body and dont mind showing it then heck why not but as for chubby ppl i mean not only ladies.. ewww i've seena billion men walking wit their belys hanging ...esp at beaches oh my God .. for one how the hell did she fit in that,. and it ets worse ith'em wearing strips........ oh jee... urgggg makes me wanna throw up...
My girlfreind is getting a bit chubby?
my gf is getting a bit chubby how do i get her back i cant just say babe your fat go loose wight but what should i say or do ?
get her some liposuction for her birthday =)

or just say "put down the fork!"
What do you think of a toned guy with a kind of bigger then average butt and thighs?
I'm saying their upper body looks hot! And the guy is a babe, but then you look at his lower body and you see not a bubble butt but kind of a slightly bigger butt then average, with really nice legs?

I saw this guy once and he was a total babe, but he a slightly larger butt and it made him look chubby around the thigh and butt area, but i knew under those clothes was a hot body

What do you think of a guy that looked like that? Does it make you turned off or do you not care?
if he's a short guy, you just described my dream man.
How do I ask out a really hot girl who I used to be mean to?
Honestly I went to middle school with her and she was chubby and shy and unpopular and me and other people used to be mean to her, but now she's totally changed. She's turned into such a gorgeous babe with one hell of a body. I recently ran into her at the mall and she models for Abercrombie & Fitch. She gave me a stuck up snobby look when I saw her in the store, how do I get her to go out with me?
You don't deserve her.
Boyfriend said that I'm getting a little chubby.?
My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch the other night. He's been disappointed in himself for gaining weight and made a comment about he feels fat. I said I've gained a little weight too (about 10 pounds... I'm 5'5" and 134 pounds) he said "Yeah, we've gained weight. I'm huge and you've gotten a little chu.." and then cut himself off before he said chubby. Mind you, he's 6'2" and about 270 pounds with a big belly. He's definitely overweight. I've gained an extra 10 pounds in the past couple of months because I'm in nursing school and have been incredibly busy and haven't been eating well prepared meals at home. I was a little offended, but drop it and didn't make a big issue out of it. However, now I feel a little annoyed and also a little insecure when I'm around him nude. It kind of killed my sex drive for him.

Right after he started to say what he did he acted like he was putting his foot in his mouth, laughed and said "I'm sorry, Babe, you're beautiful." But now I'm insecure and a little offended. He's said in the past, despite he himself being overweight, that he's not attracted to overweight girls. He's been pretty blunt about it and at times sounds rather shallow. However, he eats junk (pizza, ice cream, etc) and has gained about 30 pounds since we've been together over the past year... and I've gained a little too.

How would you respond to his comment? Should I not be offended? I know that I have gained a little weight, but I wouldn't call me fat or chubby at all. Maybe just a little "squishy" around the mid-section.

You should not be offended but glad that he is honest with you and can tell you things, including getting chubby, that is what communication is all about in a relationship.
Do guys really care if a girl is thick and chubby?
My bf always told me how he preferred girls that were on the chubby side. He doesn't think it's attractive when girls have no figure or are scary skinny. My bf has a somewhat fetish for thick thighs, hips and boobs. Which is what I have. He's a great guy though. We're both 17. He's a baseball player, tall and white. He's also into church like me.

But sometimes I get so self conscious. Mf bf told me, "Oh babe. You're beautiful and cute. You got body. Most guys dig it!" Do other guys feel this way?
Well to be honest, why should other men's opinions matter when you have your boyfriend who tells you, you are beautiful? I mean, unless you think he is lying, this shouldn't be much of a problem.
How can you possibly get an answer to help your insecurity by your boyfriend's words by the opinions of other men, who are going to have different opinions anyway. If he loves you, and you love him, accept his words and believe in him. however, u cannot love another if u do not love yourself.
Insecurity kills all that is beautiful. I too have some, but i do not ask others for their opinion, the only opinion that matters is my boyfriend's. My boyfriend doesn't like super skinny girl's either.
Will men in their fifties really accept an overweight woman for a date or love?
Or, do they all want the fantasy babe much younger? What ever happened to the good heart, cute face, just a little chubby but great!????
what ever happened.. uhh life has changed and the bright side for you is that you probably really no how to care for a guy and most of the thinner chicks don't, they are really selfish, actually your a great catch! so remember that..
Clear this doubt ? romantic or sexy or game ?
this girl in my gym keeps watching me all the time. Me start conversation she smiles and answers but never asks any question.Then follow me all around infact some times do the exact same exercise i do which is not in her exercise schedule nor in mine then when we were doing mat exercise abs and stuff she lie next to me sooo close that if we normally stretch out hands i will have to grab her. then she breather heavily and show her boob near my face i mean with dress on she is one shabely chubby babe like scarlet johannes or drew berrymore kind .then shesqueeze them acting overly as if exercising and let me enjoy and then carefully look if iam getting a ***** i did get one i tried hiding it then i thought ok she is the one who gave it she want s to know if i got it or not, whats wrong in letting her know and i just do pelvic rise so she can see by huge bonner she eyeing it like she is going to suck it dry, but then somthing happened there was her friend on the other side to my left lying and exercising my girl is onto my right. my girl signals her they dont speak a word she just shows her eyes and suddenly i hear frrom my left is it i want to see it too, god iam surprised and still not hiding it not the left side girl goes to the right of the girl iam talking abt so this girl say there is no place aloud and come even close to me so close that any more advance and she is in my lap only incesh away she does superman pose and and downward facing dog and show s her cleavage. damn my fluid is flawing iam hundred percent sure she was as wet cherapunji. Then again i get a surprise i dont know if i should count this in connection or not out gym physio intrudes and says i told you right? they both give a look like they have some secret and then ppl started coming around us and i and she moved away . they friend of this girl was saying her how her groom searching is working out and how bad a girl she was and making fun of her. now i initially for weeks thought she was interested in me as iam single. and she is pretty and sexy too. I have good physique i mean not like a body builder but a good toned one. i thought she will retaliate i mean like liking or dating and stuff and when i wanted to catch hold of her before she leaves home she literally runs away from the juice bar. i dont understand what she wants i mean i only will know if she starts speaking i really like but dont mind if she is not ok with it cos i mean im cool with ppls decisions. Inside info iam just a normal guy who behaves normally with girls as well as boys but iam new to this gym only 2months old and she is 4 months old..i mean i did show my ***** only cos i liked her i woudnt do it to any girl who comes if you know what i mean guys. and she doesnt show up to gym for next two days now iam wondering if she is playing or if she interested . I mean lot of girls liike me but i dont give oppurtunity to even speak with them much or they all are playing i really am confused though iam mentally stron i want views from gurus and particularly from women and girls with good heart.
I totally didn't find a question in there at all, just someone bragging about a few chicks being attracted to him at the gym. Congratulations and go for it!
How do I tell my gf shes getting chubby?
About 4 months ago my babe ( 5' 2'', 115 pounds somethin like that) got dissed by an asshole guy. he said she was too skinny and lanky. since then, its been 4 months and she has put on weight. a lot, i think about 20 pounds. her belly isnt nice and perfect like it used to be-- we were cuddling the other day and i realized how fat she is getting. her tummy is big and i guess it feels nice while cuddling, but i dont like fat chicks. i want to love her again but if i come out and tell her she will prolly feel awkward around me. i really dont like the extra chunk belt she has added to her tummy.
Honestly I think you shouldn't tell her. If you tell her she'll probably think that you like her for her looks and the love you have for her isn't unconditional. My bf says he's gaining weight (and I see it...sorta) but I still love him the same.

TRUST ME, she KNOWS she's gaining weight. Us ladies look in the mirror all the time and we know when our clothes gets a little tight.

Love her for who she is and no matter what she looks like. If you can't do don't deserve her and you need to learn what "love" really is because to be honest I don't think you do.

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