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Why are there only old fat people at nude beaches and resorts ?
I've always imagined these places to be filled with hot young women. But in every depiction of a nude beach or resort I've ever seen they are filled with old fat people but no young hotties. Why is this ?
Yup, they're either old fat and ugly or hairy hippies. Reality sucks.
Many people object to all beaches being nude, because they don't want to look at fat people.I defend the right
of fat people to be nude at the beach. It is no different than seeing them in a restaurant or on the street. A few people took the stance that they didn't want their guyren on nude beaches, but guyren don't find nudity objectionable. Isn't that the attitude of a sick adult mind projected onto guyren?
When I went to Spain last summer, there were nude people all around me...it was a strange sight...but u get used to it if u have lived there your whole life. I totally agree with you. Hope this helps.
When we go to the nude beach there's this short fat man?
We see this short, fat, bald man with a tiny willy at the nude beach. We make fun of him, throw stuff at him but he keeps coming back. Being guys, we figure we can do this and get away with it. Is this being fair or are we complete bastards?
Lol and I'm not typing that just cause, this made me laugh, but wait Kev, you're both of them?
List of movies that have a nude fat or chubby chick in it?
Looking for a list of movies (not porn) that have a nude (breasts or more) chubby or fat woman in it.

Title of movie is good enough... added bonus for actress name.

Kathy Bates in "About Schmidt"
My all time favorite is Bagdad Cafe with the luscious Marianne Sägebrecht.
She has another wonderful film appearance as a very sensual woman in some pretty frilly lingerie in Zuckerbaby

Another is the Road to Wellville with Camryn Manheim nude.
Fat girls and tasteful nude photos?
I'm a big girl, but I still have some great qualities. I'd like to take tasteful nude pictures, but I'm having issues on how to go about posing to hide my less attractive qualities. This will all be done at home, so no professional lighting, no professional photographer...I want to look beautiful, enticing, but not quite pornographic...think tastefully erotic (Playboy, not Hustler). Can anyone help with poses, lighting, any kind of advice? Thanks guys.
To add to what fhotoace said, You can practice a few things ahead of time, like posing.

Some really big girls dont like to be on all 4's when doing erotica, as their belly may hang a bit. Its not something that bothers me. But, to see what you really look like, light your room as well as you can, maybe using a window that has some sunlight coming thru it, use a mirror, or video cam setup to your tv, and actively pose, to see what you like the best, or maybe more importantly, what you dont like. The fewer shots that you dont like, the better chance of trying this again, learning from the process, and enjoying the feeling of letting it all out there.

Maybe try some of the "classic rubenesque" poses that you see in classic art, laid back on a chair or sofa, holding grapes above you as you nibble them from below.

For lighting, you can use the best light on you, and maybe bounce the light off the ceiling, or you can get glossy white posterboard or foamboard to bounce light. Bouncing bright or heavy light, will give it a softer feel when it hits you, and lessen the shadow effect a bit..

You can also use smaller lights to highlight your background, which will help to give some definition, so any shadows on you dont blend into the background.

While you will be the focus of each shot, using props to hold, or place around you, can add to the artistic effect of a shot. Having something like a flower, or something in your hand, can make you look more comfortable in a shot, if your trying to figure out poses.
Who is the fat man sitting at the computer?
We have all seen that photo of a naked fat man sitting at a computer. He's fat, nude, and got glasses and a grey beard. Its quite famous now, I wonder who he is, where that photo came from?
LMAO if he became a computer store nerd I'm sure that I've seen him on this streaming video site getting beaten up by his employees...

He looks sorta similar to that guy in the pic!!!
Do only fat or old people go to nude resorts ?
Or do some people who are young and inshape also go to nude resorts ?
For the same reason that young and beautiful people go to enjoy the sun and relax. If it bothers you that older people and fat people are nudists you had better rethink being one because there are very few beautiful people out there dressed or undressed most people are average looking which means they are over 25 and also probably overweight.
Is there less sex in America now because fat people find it difficult to accomplish,or don't like to be nude?
By MIKE STOBBE and CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writers Mike Stobbe And Carla K. Johnson, Ap Medical Writers – Thu Mar 3, 7:09 pm ET
ATLANTA – Fewer teens and young adults are having sex, a government survey shows, and theories abound for why they're doing it less.
Honestly? I think it's pornography. I do. I think huge amounts of men are addicted to porn they get on their computer or from videos on their tv because it's so easy to get nowadays and they like that stimulation better than the real thing.

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