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Is having sex with fat women a sin in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam?
I love BBW's. I love their voluptuous figures. I know the biblical faiths ban homosexual sex. Homosexual sex is taboo in modern society as well, even though I am not a homophobe at all and I support gay marriage. In most western societies being attracted to fat people is also many times considered taboo. So is having sex with fat women a sin?
God is not discriminatory.
Do guys really like having sex with fat women?
I was just wondering. I was searching the internet for chat rooms and bbw sites kept appearing.
Some do some don't. Everyone has their own set of preferences.
Can having sex with a fat girl cause weight loss?
I am 25 years old now and have been having sex with my big beautiful women for 2 years. At the start of our realstionship, i weighed in at 260 pounds and her 245. She has stayed the same yet, after my eating habits have not changed, over 2 years of having sex with my big women, i have dropped 33 pounds. I have figured out how to loose weight enjoyably, fat women. I patenet this idea does anyone else think this is ingenious. Share your thoughts.
sounds like cancer
Do men like sex with fat women?
I am heavy and have been told that sex with me is the best. I am curious to know, those that have been with both heavy (no not curvy; I'm close to 250#'s) and slimmer women. What is it that is good about sex with a heavy woman versus a slimmer gal?
my dream gal, i for one prefer large women, more intense
How can a fat woman have sex with a thin man? ?
Im a good 300 lbs and i have a boy friend who's around 130 (no more than 140). He keeps asking me to have sex with him and I keep saying no. I feel bad saying no, but I'm afraid im going to hurt him. I know this probably sounds weird, but im a virgin and have no idea what im doing. If you could give me some tips or tricks, that would be great.

Thank you so much!
well he obviously doesnt have a problem with your weight so you shouldnt be concerned there.
just relax and keep calm.
if you both love eachother then you wouldnt hurt eachother and it'll be fun.
Why are guys afraid to date, have sex with big (fat) women?
I mean I'm a 36 year old 450 plus pound woman and can never find good guys to date or have sex with!
sometimes guys act very shallow, we would be fools if we think guys don't care about the outside look but not all of them, some guys don't care about the look and just want to fall in love and find the right woman, maybe you should make some effort, try to know guys more and try the dating sites maybe you find your soul mate
Have u ever had sex with fat women and enjoyed it?
do u think its better than skinny women


Does men like to marry thin women and like to have sex with fat woman?
Fat meaning meaty, not overweight.
Thin meaning slim, not anorexic.
I am sure that there are but that isn't the norm lol. That is kind of like buying something you don't really like and borrowing something you really wanted
Do men use fat woman just for sex?
If a fat woman has a lot interest in you, would you just go along with it for easy sex, rather then actually taking the time to go out with her? Would you be embarrassed to date a fat woman? Would it be easier to have sex with a fat woman during the time you're trying to find the woman of your dreams? What is so unattractive about fat woman? What is the worst thing about them? Please answer honestly.
Most of the time fat woman do get use my men. Because thay have low self stander for them self. And that some time feel as if they can do any better then the one there with. But I say FU*k THAT SH#T ! Hun I use to be 235 pounds. I lost all of that weight. And now I call all the dam shots..............and I'm loving it .
How come big like fat guys have a harder time meetin the opposite sex than fat women?
i have a friend thts 14 6'0 and about 300 sumthin pounds. i cant find him a gf and he really wants/needs one and then theres this girl thts bigger then him and she has a bf its like wtf
I'm sorry to tell you but most women do not find "fat" men very physically attractive because fat is normally associated with being female. A woman's body is predisposed towards roundness and softness, but not a man's body. The only thing I can think of to help you win over women is to work on shaping up. Being "big" can be a plus if you look "thick" but not sloppy. Improve your appearance through good grooming - nice haircut or style, manicured nails, clothing that fits well and looks attractive on you. Work on improving you interests and being a more interesting person. The best thing you can do for yourself is to feel comfortable in your skin and some special lady will learn to appreciate you as well.

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