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How do you download gay pron videos for free ; my friend jus asked but i wannt like gay romances cuztheyr cute?
before anybpodayyy gets to crazyyy lol i was with my friends & we were jus asking alot of random questions ; drunk of course & a gay friend of mine asked this question
If you download RealPlayer (it's free), you can download any internet videos (youtube or anything) to your computer easily. So you can just go on a general gay pr0n site and do it.
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you can go here, they have tones of links for movies
What is your favorite pron site?
I know it's misspelled, but last time I posted this, it didn't get published.

I am talking about free videos and a good selection.

Just wondering, I've been to the same three sites and they have been getting kinda old.
lol @ this , but i would say LOL
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many men have seen my videos. At a bachelor party 5 months ago, my husband and his friends watched some of the porn that I was in. It is now the time to deal with it, get free and move on. How do we do that ? And please don't say counseling because my husband doesn't want to do that. How do I move on from being sexually exploited ?
You're in a mess.
I want this to be answered by guys that watch porn!!!!..and girls if you have experience with this..?
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Half the time he won't remember a single one of those women. The truth is this - God did not give man enough blood to run both their brains and penises. So, only one "center" of power is active at a time.

Your husband is looking at a different menu but that does not mean that's what he likes.

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