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What is a gay photography book with hugs and kisses?
There are several photography books focusing on kisses and romantic interaction between straight couples, but I am looking for one with male/male couples.

I know there are a lot of gay photo books that focus on one model in solo shots, or there are books with sexual photos.

Can anyone tell me a book that has soft-core, loving moment photos? Mostly with kissing?

Thank you ♥
I work in a library and I'll look for one for you. I'll need your email or something. I'm at
How do i take off the navigation bar on myspace and where can i get or create a myspace layout?
my myspace is super plain . , i just have a gay love photography background . i dont want it like that . can someone help me , i want to take off my navigation bar and get a better layout . or make one ? ' can anyone help . please & , thank you .

go there, they have everything you need. I go there for everything.
How can I find a best friend that's gay? a gay guy friend....
I havent had luck with my girl best friends...i had one for years but the friendship got a little crazy...... Ive always had great guy friends but u cant have them over all the time cus it makes it weird when theyre in a relationship or when youre in one. HELP i want a best guy friend thats gay... like between 21 and 23 years old. =) Im a pretty mellow chick...i love shows (emo, scremo, post hard core, indie, soft rock) I love the beach and photography......anyone?
You would have to surround yourself where gay people hang out.
Could my 15yr old son be gay?
i have a 15yr old son is quite girly. for example he loves his hair,chlothing,and he likes to go shopping,hanging out with friends (most of his friends are girls). he weres makeup (realy only eyeliner and nail polish). he likes to always style and bleach his hair, his hair atm is crimson reddish mohawk kinda what he spikes up with the fringe combed over his face.
he has got his tongue,both ears and lip pierced.
he is always saying stuff like billie joe armstrong is goodlooking (his favorite band is greenday)
and other boys ect...
he mostly wears fashion chlothing such as tshirts,skinny jeans,shorts,tight tops,jean shorts,leather jackets,denim jackets,band tops.
he hasnt had much girl friends accept mayby once yrs ago. he is close with some of his friends (girls) who he spends most of his time with.
he enjoys rock music,acting,dancing and photography.

so do you think he is gay??
btw i love my son and i will not love him any less if he is gay/bi or straight. i just want him to know what can i do to make him know that iam here for him always and that i love him soo much. he is my youngest son
hey im 17 an im gay, my mum new i was gay from an early age..
she asked me when i was 14/15 an i kept denyin it.. i was scared of what she would say.. it wasnt till i was 16 wen i finally told her i was gay..
so even if he is gay, i wouldnt bother askin him yet, he might be confused aswell, just encourage an tell him u will love him no matter what he is/does etc..

if he is gay he will tell you when he is ready, believe me x
I need help picking a gift for my best friend. Can someone help me?
Here's the situtation: my best friend is leaving for college in a year and I've only got 1 more year (including this and next summer) to spend time with him. I want to get him some jewelry (bracelet, necklace, or a pocket charm or something) as a going away present, but I don't know any good places to shop for anything. I don't have much money to work with, due to my college expenses, so something over +$200 would probably be asking a little too much. I want it to be a gift that really means something, not just a "here you go, dude" kind of thing. I love this guy like a brother.

A bit of information about him: he's 17, Cancer sign, very outgoing, gay, loves music and photography, and is big on animals. Any help would be appreciated including on-line stores. I want to see about getting it personalized. I hope this isn't too specific :P
How about a basket with a few different items matching his interests in it. A basket with:
-a hand-made bracelet
-a stuffed animal of his favorite animal or a printout showing donation to animal charity like The Humane Society, North Shore Animal League, or the ASPCA
-some pics of you guys
-a shot glass (you can even check around where you live to see about getting an inscription w/ his name & the year put on it).

I'm not sure how much you're looking at spending but other ideas include:
-a CD
-candles (to decorate his dorm)
-lotions (most of us gay guys love to smell good!)
-a digital cam, I saw this really cute tiny digital cam on a keychain for like $15

Hope these ideas help!
I'm 15 and gay. What type of guys would I attract?
I'm still not out yet but I was just curious to know what type of guys may like me? I'm not the obvious-gay type. Your first impression of me is probably gay/bi but I can pass as straight sometimes. Anyways, I'm 15 in June, 5'5", 110 pounds (I'm not THAT skinny) and Filipino. I love dance, fashion, shopping, photography, Vampire Diaries and I'm also really smart. I have a Chace Crawford/Zac Efron hairstyle (I should post a picture but you can't be too sure with all the creeps out there). I'm a very confident person, social, but not very athletic (I'm not extremely weak though. According to my friends I'm very cute).

What type of guys would be into me? I'm not into the flamboyant, obviously-gay type. Is finding that gay guy who seems straight out there for me?
Guy molesters
Gay and bi guys is this pic cute?

i personally love the pic great photography .

what do you think it says ?
i love the pic great they both are so my type i like the hair on the guys chest lol

it says come back to bed baby lol.
Gay guys, straight guys, anyone!! PLEASE HELP with your opinions-is this guy a closeted gay or just feminine?
First off I know some of you might respond with "you won't know until you ask him" but seriously all I want is your guys' opinions before I do anything because we aren't really close- just typical friends, I just see him every once in a while, but we text almost everyday, i've asked my friends about this but honestly they all think differently or don't know so not much help!. Ok so I really, really, REALLY like this guy, he is all I can think about (he's really nice and super sweet and really attractive) but I just can't tell if he is closeted-gay or not. I am completely straight myself however I am a HUGE supporter of LGBT (tons of gay and bi friends) and admire everyone's own choices and freedom to experiment but my personal preference happens to be straight men (not bi men) that I am attracted to. This guy is super friendly, caring, and respectful and really cares about his appearance (his brother also tends to dress fashionable I don't think he is gay but idk he is just very artsy), the guy I like is also very artsy (art,architecture, museums,interior design, photography). I talk to him about fashion, and also on his twitter I noticed that he follows fashion like marc jacobs, LV, etc, and he also follows fashion magazines including WOMEN'S FASHION magazines, and WOMEN'S fashion clothing, obviously in addition to Men's apparel that he follows-he really does not seem like the CD type though, trust me. He also has a SLIGHTLY feminine tone to his voice at times (maybe just camp? he is into drama and film) but can sound more masculine other times, there is no pattern. I have known him for a while and when we were younger he did acting and not with makeup or anything just male parts in non musical plays but once when he was like 8 or 9 he played a GIRL with the clothes, hair, makeup and everything.. the thing is he is really a silly guy by nature he jokes around and stuff so this doesn't seem very odd to me(should it?) he is very confident with who he is, he also likes "masculine" stuff like cars, bikes, comics, he played baseball, he likes basketball, etc.He supports LGBT as well and has both gay and straight friends but it's not like he ever talks about it nor is he a part of that community, he has only had girlfriends in the past, only had female celeb crushes that he has admitted,he has told me I am pretty (maybe in a platonic way?) and called other girls pretty and never had any boyfriends and i have only seen him show interest in girls from what I can tell, and he has never once mentioned being attracted or even remotely interested in men romantically or sexually, sometimes it just seems like he is indifferent and respectful of people's choices not gay himself....BUT... I am confused.. he loves fashion and women's magazines and is kind of feminine but I don't really get the Gay vibe from him and he hasn't shown any interest in men..Can you see why this situation is confusing for me LOL? Also he doesn't care at all what other people think of him he respects himself so if he were gay I would think he would be fine coming out (although I realize it must be very difficult for some people) and maybe IF he is Bi he just doesn't feel the need to say anything? IDK, so do you think he is a closeted Gay or is he Bi or do you think he is just metro-sexual/camp (is there such a thing as artsy straight men who love fashion?)?? I am in New York so there are lots of feminine, well dressed guys my gaydar is off completely LOL!
p.s. serious answers only please because I really really like this guy, but it also is about more than just this particular guy I just want to know if there are straight men like this because I recently moved to downtown NYC and there are lots of guys like this and I want to know if I have a shot at all (in case the other guy doesn't work out :/). I am a very feminine girly girl but am also attracted to more feminine guys for some reason LOL.
I think he's only feminine or would try it but you really wont know until after the 2 of you got closer and you asked him.
Why should men have long penis?
can't understand this craziness for big tool.
(is it because a man's tool has to be held
like as though it's a doll )(is that deeper than true love)
And age old concepts that the male in nude 'needs' to have big tool.
(perhaps that waist lines ends to a long tool)
(good proportion in nude photography?)
Why are gay men and straight men and some women obsessed by big tool .
What good is there, if the tool has more meat?Why?Why?Why?
Length is not that important. its a phobia in people's mind that longer the penis, better it is. Too much length also creates trouble during sex.

How much should be size of penis?

Anywhere from 3 to 8 inches.
Vagina has sensitivity only up-to 3 to 4 inches. So if penis size is 3 inches its ok. Also the size of vagina is normally no more than 6-8 inches. So if its longer than her vagina, she will feel pain during sex when you insert full length, and its not good. So it should not be that big too…
My friend is on love with someone on but I think he's a poser. I need help!!!?
My friend who is a girl is in love with a guy on and he's gay. But the promblem is, I think he's a poser. He has had the same exact picture on his profile for 2 years. But he says his passion is photography. And there's no reason he shouldn't put his picture on his profile,because he's good looking, and I think he knows it. I've tried mailing him to tell him to send me the URL for the picture to try and trick him so I can see if it's a fake,but he hasn't mailed me back. I don't know what to do. How do I tell if he's a fake or not ?
You could start by stickin your nose outta your friends business!

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