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All Comments

Why do so many younger people seem to think that a guy is gay if he wears short shorts?
I mean does the younger generation hang around gay bars or what? Arn't they smart enough to realize that styles come and go and that for 20 years (1960-1980's) shorter shorts and jean cut-offs on guys was the only way to go? I just can't get used to the hick feeling I get when I wear long shorts. Arn't shorts supposed to be short? Listen, just like jeans are going to get tighter, men's shorts will get shorter again. Why?? Becasue of money. Fashion money. Then this younger generation will find out how it feels to be out of style in their old baggy knee length "pirate pants." As for me, I don't follow fashion trends. I like the sun and I like freedom of movement, so I cut off my old jeans right below the pocket! If people think I am gay, then that's their problem. People usually think the stupidest things about other people anyway so if your basing your oppinion on a particular style, you are way shallow and need to grow up.
donĀ“t ask silly questions. you are wasting precious time to hook up with another intelligent gay like you!!!
Why is it considered gay for a guy to wear short shorts?
I'm a straight guy that loves to wear short shorts. I love showing my legs off to females. I get a lot of compliments from females on how sexy my legs are, but some give me attitude that I'm gay. It was considered normal for a guy to dress this way in the '70's and '80's, but considered gay today. I used to see short shorts for guys in the stores back then, but not any more, only for females. Why is that?
It's just not in style. Midriff baring tops were also in style for men back in the seventies and eighties, but no guy would be caught dead in them now. Back in 2002 or so it was considered in style for women to wear their pants so low their butt crack and hip bones showed, or their thongs showed...if you've noticed, that's no longer in vogue either.
Do you think boxer shorts is gay or guy?
Which one gay of boxer shorts or etc?
Boxer shorts don't have sexual preferences.
How come guys that wear g-stringz and booty shorts are called gay?
I go out on the streets wearing booty shorts and g-stringz or tight jeans with g-stringz but when i bend down it shows but everyone thinks that's gay but i'm straight as in i love women? why ppl think it's gay?
Gstrings and booty shorts are not the norm for society. It's associated with the gay culture. That's our current culture.
You can't change the population's views. You gotta find a few people who are accepting of differences and be happy with it. Who cares what about people think? Are they going to reward you? Even if you constantly conform, you are hardly ever praised. It's the point when you do conform, a change, it's the time they praise. But by conforming you're not given consequences. But who cares, will you ever see them again?
Does it look gay if a guy wears kacki shorts to school or does it look cool?
I want to know because it will be 90 degrees tomorrow on the 1st day of school and I really don't want to wear jeans.
Should I just wear my skinny jeans instead? They are only like 511s.
Wear the jeans and don't risk making the wrong impression. I wear jeans in 90 degree weather all the time. It really isn't that hot.
Does wearing shorts with high top sneakers look gay?
They're black high top sneakers. And another question: Do they look better with red shoelaces or white?
Yes, that would look very homosexual.
Do longish plaid shorts look dorky or gay on a 17 year old?
be honest please. :) I have no sense of fashion and I've been told they're dorky...
They look good i were them all the time in the summer. and there not gay
Does having a fetish over boys' formal and school shorts make you gay?
Coming from someone who heard a RUMOUR about a 14 year old boy who has this.
The raw definition of someone being gay is that the person is attracted to the same sex. And being gay is an *inborn* trait that may or may not manifest itself until puberty. Anything else is stereotype.

Now, are we talking about a 14-year-old boy who likes to collect certain clothing items? That may deviate from the "norm" but I don't see anything wrong with it, other than it being possibly an unnecessary strain on a budget.

(I admit I have a few too many pairs of shoes, mostly Vans)
Do you think I'm gay because I like to show off my legs and butt in short, tight shorts?
I admit I do like it when gay guys look at me, and it arouses me a little. Should I experiment with guys? I especially like the idea of giving oral.
Julian its time to come out of the closet P&P :-)

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