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Lesbian celebrities ......... ? ? ?
Of course, there's Rosie and Ellen...neither is considered femme... - Ellen reminds me of a young boy, - but I was curious - who are some of the well known 'femme' lesbian celebrities ???
Me, obviously.
What lesbian and gay celebrities are there in Japan?
Just curious :) Are there a lot of 'out' Japanese gay/lesbian celebrities? Please give me ones you believe to be the most well known, too. Thanks :)
This musician, Noriyuki Makihara is a gay. He's very famous.

Who are some gay and lesbian celebrities?
Only if you know this for a fact, please no rumors. Maybe I'll tell you why I need to know this later on.

huuuuge list on wikipedia
Are there Japanese Lesbian Celebrities?
NOT porn artist or whatever they are called but genunine lesbian celebrities that act or sing or something along those lines? Do you know thier names?
Yoko Ono
What female celebrities gives you a lesbian vibe?
Mine would have to be Ellen page, Kristen stewart , and Emma stone but emma doesn't give me a very strong vibe as ellen and kristen do, and I doubt that emma is gay but sometimes she gives me a lesbian vibe...
Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page.
Lesbian women celebrities, singers, etc. that make the gay community look bad?
Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Jett, Portia De Rossi, Tegan and Sara; they all make the gay community look better by being modest, participating in standing up against sexism, and being equal/not of higher rank.
Who are some Lesbian women in Hollywood who make the gay community look bad?
(I'm writing a persuasive essay and must give examples of both. My side in the arguement of the paper is that gays are equal. For debate class. Thank you!)
Rosie O'Donnell is the only Lesbian that I think gives us a very bad rap. They others are bi-sexual women,Tila tequila, Angelina jolie and Anne Heche.
How is that there are no famous lesbian black celebrities?
There are rumors that MC Lyte and Queen Latifah are lesbians, but young black girls who want to come out only have Ellen, Melissa Ethridge...etc.to look up to. Why?
That's a good question, Maybe if there are more famous lesbian black women their in the closet...Were already 2 kinds of minority so maybe they think they wont be respected
Any known Bisexual or Lesbian Celebrities?
Any singers or actresses that are out in the open and known to be bi & les????
Wanda Sykes--lesbian
Margaret Cho--bisexual
Tila Tequila --bisexual (although I wonder how much is for attention)
Lindsey Lohan--either bi or lesbian (not sure)
Ellen DeGeneres---lesbian
Portia DiRossi --Ellen's lesbian lover/wife
Lady Gaga--bisexual
Pink----assumed bisexual
If you could choose any two female celebrities to become a lesbian couple who would you choose?
I would choose Pink and Kat Von D.
I wouldn't choose any.

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