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What type of hose should you wear with suits and skirts if not nude? esp in cold and for older women?
The look needs to be conservative but practical. I do realize nude hose are out, but they still are present in schools and for job interviews..What is another conservative look for a suit with a skirt or a dressy skirt in fall and winter? tks
all the magazines say dark tights are in....just don't do sheer
Why is it that a lot of antique pictures show nude women and not nude men?
I have seen many old pictures and paintings of women and their breasts would be showing, etc. Why is it that there isn't any of men like that, and why are the women nude anyway?
Everyone (male or female) thinks women look better nude then women.
I always hear about older women in their 50's and over going nude?
in magizines.What do you think?
I think it's great! If you are 50 and have a "to die for body", why not be proud and show it off? As you age, you learn to appreciate the value of what you have from the interior and exterior. One should be proud of this. Behind every wrinkle is a year lived and a lesson learned about oneself.
Older women would you be hurt and angry if husband did this?
We are in our middle 50's. I am out of town. Husband goes to strip club and looks at women as young as eighteen fully nude with other older men he works with. Stays out all night till 6:oo in the morning and goes back to work full day one hour latter? He witheld information and caught it on credit card. Lapdance included by most of married co-workers.He claims he stood at the bar and " I touched no one and no one touched me"? We have a good relationship and tells me our sex life is great? We disscussed strip clubs 3 months prior to him going, and I told him it would hurt my feelings. He said the guys put him in their car to take him back to his vehical........instead they took him to a very nasty club in a bad area. Prostitution and massage parlor avenue! Many of these older men cheat on their wives....... and encourage heavy drinking when together. He has told me about them in the past. Then deliberately goes out on the town with them knowing how they are. It has caused us problems.
dear dumass, ( i'm speaking to your hubby)

i believed you til lap dance came up

did they twist your arm and pull out your credit card and MAKE you get one?

the man has no b*lls, if he can't stand up to peer pressure in his 50s by telling his little friends,
sorry guys, i love my wife and going here would hurt her,she is more important than this
My Neighbor, older woman is showing her Nude body to me?
i am a 22yr guy, she is a 38-42yr old woman

i go manytimes to her home.. whn her husband is out
recently.. i observed she is intentionally showing her nude body to me..
it started 2month ago.. she was wearing a sari
she showed some part and now she started to say sit on sofa, and she will go back and come nude!

its very tempting but i didnt have a condom!
should i buy a condom or what?
No i would stay away from her....i mean MARRIED and you could end up HURT. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WOMEN!!
I want to show women my nude photos?
Hello, I am 28 years old. I have nude photos of myself. Any ladies interested in viewing them? I can post my blog here.
No No and No
Is Nancy Sinatra the oldest woman ever to pose nude in Playboy?
Nancy was 54 was when she posed for Playboy in May 1995. Vicki LaMotta was 51 when she posed in November 1981. Farrah Fawcett was 50 when she posed in July 1997.

Am I missing someone, or is Nancy the oldest to ever pose nude in Playboy?
probably ;)
Does anyone remember those black velvet paintings of nude black women and astrological signs?
Who was the artist, and more importantly, where can I get one? I remember these from my youth when the older dudes had them hanging up in the social clubs where I wasn't supposed to be. Just point me in the right direction. Thanks.
There was no particular "artist", most were made in Mexico & China. They have become rather collectible but you might get lucky on Ebay or scouring your local thrift shops.

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