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If I lose weight on my 36DD breasts will they become pert?
Theyre really saggy cos of the size and are really getting me own, im 16 im supposed to have a lovely pair! :(

also, if anyone knows how to lose breat weight please let me know!
Perhaps a regular healthy diet and exercise program can help you. I wanted to lose fat in a particular area before, and when I researched it, I learned that while doing specific fat burning exercise, you don't really have much control about what part of the body fat is burned. But as you burn more and more, your body will start depending on the fat in different parts of your body.

So what I reccommend is that you try to burn fat and hope you burn that fat where you want it most. Anyway, if that isn't the case, you've still burned fat elsewhere, so no harm done, right? Best of luck!
Poll for girls with pert breasts: Do you?
... feel slightly superior?
Yes,Boobies = Power
Does it help to keep them pert if you sleep with some kind of support for your breasts?
I'm a c-cup and someone told me it helped to keep them lifted if you didn't just sleep in just a t-shirt like i do
Bedtime is a great time to eliminate bras or anything that pinches or binds your breasts. Let your breasts fall naturally while you sleep. You will feel much more comfortable and as a result you will get a better sleep, unless of course, your partner finds your newly bared breasts irresistable!!!
I have had guys my youngest is 8 , my breasts r pert and firm - but in the last year my nipples release a?
a clear fluid comes out. I went to to the doc and he said not to worry - and just dont stimulate them. But its so frustrating - especially as my bf wont suck them.- its not a lot that comes out and this does not happen at any other time . Only if u squeeze the nips hard or suck

Help - has anyone experienced this . Please sensible answers only please
Go back to the doctor and tell him it is causing you problems and demand a referral for a second opinion. Its not normal and should be investigated further..;
How do I lift my breasts without wearing a bra?
Do any ladies have any tips for lifting your breasts up a bit to look more pert, for under a top or dress, without wearing a bra?

Such as t*t tape etc....i've got medium - large breasts
try the stick on bra, or invisible bra, its called different thing from different stores…
I have never got it right in clothes, I am size 10/12 no hips n pert bottom small but firm breasts and 5ft?
can anyone suggest anything i could wear for our xmas party?? thank you for help aswell much appreciated
You need an outfit that carries the eye down the whole of your body, from head to feet. Something that skims your body, but doesn't hug it tightly, and yet is long and flowing at the same time. And the outfit should be all in one colour to lead the eye down.

I love Pakistani formal wear. I think the exuberance of the colour and design is wonderful, and you seem to have just the body to carry off some of their best designs. Take a look at the links below:…………

Don't limit yourself to clothes you can pick up at just any mall store. The fashions for other cultures can definitely be superior to Western samewear.
Do fake breasts feel the same as natural breasts?
Obviously all breasts feel different, but do breasts with silicone implants feel like there is something unnatural inside them? Like do they feel harder than natural breasts? Or do they more or less just feel the same as young naturally pert ones?

Sorry if this is an odd question, Y!A please don't delete this, I am asking because I genuinely want to know for research into the topic.
No - fake ones feel gross. The reason why guys like boobs is mainly down to how they feel. We like them to look at, sure, but its what they feel like that really makes up happy.
What actually constitutes as 'saggy breasts'?
I just don't know! I'm very tall and very slim but I'm a 34 DD and I feel like my breats are sagging despite being told they aren't! People constantly say that 'they're sagging if they touch your knee' lol, but seriously, what are saggy breasts? Where do they come up to roughly? How can people with big boobs have pert boobs? Serious answers please!
Saggy breasts are mainly when a women has a large bust, but does not wear a bra, causing them to sag.
You shouldnt worry, even if you do have sagging breasts, its nothing to be that ashamed of!
Just make sure your bra is supportive and comfortable and all should be fine =]]

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