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Why are some breasts round and others cone shaped?
Why are some womens breasts round and hang down a bit? And others cone shaped with no droop? Is there some sort of scientific explination. As I don't think it is just down to size ane therefor weight. As I know some one with 34c's but are cone shaped. And another person with the same size but with the round shape ones.
Its all due down to nature and every woman been unique and its also slightly due down to genetics, all breasts are slightly different to eachother and all normal to.
I hope i helped
Why do some females have 'pointy' breasts' and others have more 'round' breasts?
This is truly a question I have always wondered about.

Maybe it is just my observation, but I noticed mostly skinny/thin women have 'pointy' breasts.

But why do some women have pointy breasts vs. rounded breasts and vice-versa?
And why is it different for each woman?
It's all about genetics. If the females in your family tend to have round ones chances are you will to, and if they have pointy ones you'll probably have those. However, sometimes pointy breasts are related to your percentage of body fat. When I was younger I had anorexia and my boobs were on the pointy side. What boobs I had. lol. Now that I'm older and at a healthy weight my boobs are more round.
How to get round breasts?
Hi, I'm a skinny 15 years old with C-cup breasts. They are not saggy, but they are not round either. I would like for them to be round, not breast implants round, but I have seen my sister and my friends and their breasts are all rounder than mine and I would like to have that natural roundness and life in them. I want them to be round and for them to say lifted in place. How is that possible? Are implants the only solution? Or are there exercises and tricks to make them rounder?
you have to find the right bra. gilly hicks and victorias secret pink make cute ones that give a good shape.
How to make breasts round?
hey im asking this on behalf of one of ma female friend.....
she is 17 yrs and has a bust size of 32 her main problem is that her breasts hang downwards... shes really embrassed by it she wants to make them round and firm....
please help me to help her.....

Breasts grow because of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. So depending on how much your friend has of that (already in her body) that is how much her breasts are going to grow.

The development stage for breasts usually take 3 - 5 years. Usually by age 18 breasts development is complete.

I went to a website that contains pictures of women's breasts that they submitted to show other women that women have breasts in all different shapes, sizes and colors. This site made me feel better about myself and my breasts. If your friend wants to go, I assure you this isn't a sexual site. It is educational.

Your friend should be proud of her body and not need to change anything superficial like breast size. All she needs to do is be the best her she can be. Tell her to respect herself because she deserves it.

Good luck!
How to get nice round firm breasts?
My name is Stephanie and I'm 23. I always had nice full and firm breast like a 36 c or d. When I was in my mid and late teens they were so nice that in the summer I never wore a bra but I slept in bras overnight. My breast are starting to sag and I have no guys so I'm scared. Are there exercises or creams to firm and lift breast. Please help.
Push-up's Push-up's Push-up's!!! any exercise that works the pectoral muscle will lift your breasts! But push-ups really kick *** for this....I have a guy and this worked for me!
Do you prefer small, round breasts or big, bouncy but not perfectly shaped ones?
I like the small round ones, most guys seem to like big ones.
what the hell are you talking about

How to get firm, round breasts?…
Look at her, she is absolutely stunning!
I'm wondering how to get breasts that are as round and firm as hers.
What sort of exercises would help?

Thanks much <3
eat chicken with hormones :D
drink milk.
or you can do arm exercises like put your back straiqht
arms in front of you and clasp your palms toqetheir hold it for like 10 sec.
till you feel the burn do that like everyday(:
or qet a padded or pushup bra .
How can you tell if your breasts are pointy or round?
Seriously I can't tell the difference!
I think mine are pointy.

Don't say the obvious:
"If they are pointy if they are round they are round"

because surley all breasts are slightly pointy?
Well, in general they are what they are, and I guess the description is in the eye of the beholder. But I will tell you that breasts do change, as you probably realize. Depending on your mood, the temperature, your hormones, your level of sexual excitement.... all sorts of contributing factors, I suppose they could be more round at some points and more "pointy" at others.

There are almost as many breast types as there are women, and almost every one of them is totally normal.

John Jones, MD
What is the procedure and best way to developed the massive round and attractive breasts?
My girlfriend has this problem she is beautiful but my involvement is as, I have mentioned it above.
grrrrrrrrrr.u r the meanest bf a gal could ever have.i am happy ur not my bf.if u were and i found out wat ur doing i'd dump you. just so u know dude love is not bout boobs and sex its about care and affection.shame on you making a little girl tell you this.isnt there anyone who agrees with me.grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

sorry dude i dont wanna be rude but if you break up with her and other girls find out why u may never have another gf.
just warning you.

even after all i have told u and u dont care then take this:

breast size is sometimes increased by the use of estrogen--either through estrogen treatments or, more commonly for younger women, through the use of oral contraceptives (the pill), but these methods come with risks and side effects, and are not recommended for cosmetic enhancement alone. Breast size can also change with weight loss or gain

hope ur happy :-/
plz think about what i told u
Does anyone know of a statue of a woman with large breasts and a round belly?
I've seen a picture somewhere but I don't remember where...

I don't know her oragin or time fame, I just remember that (I don't think) she has a face and she had large, sagging breasts and a rather large stomich.
I remember the image from high school world civilization was from the pre-historic times..Venus of Willendorf's the story.…

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