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Do Asian or Japanese men shaved his below?
Do Asian or Japanese men shaved his below nowadays?

This question hopefully able to answer by asian men or japanese men.

Please answer each both questions

To Asian men.
1) If you are swimming/bath during changing,you see some one shaved his below.How you feel?
2) What is your view?

To Asianwomen
1) If you found out,your love one below is shaved.How will you feel?
Im the woman & I would rather have no hair than hair(=
What is the best way to remove upper lip hair permanently for Asian girls?
I'm an Asian girl with a lot of facial hair but i've never shaved in my life. When Asians typically shave, its distinct that they shave the upper lip by looking like green whiskers. I'm looking for the best way to avoid this.
Professional Hairstylist

Hope I helped (:
My girlfriend is a virgin but she shaved?
I am asian so I'm pretty much very old-traditional and pretty objective to these things. I always thought that only american or european (in general other than asian girls) shave their private part - otherwise, they must have had sex before.

My gf told me that it's just the matter of puberty so all the girls do it. And she told me that she's a virgin. I'm not trying to act stupid here but because this is my first gf so I really cherish our relationship.

Is it wrong of me to think that way?
you will find out there are a lot of girls that shaves down there. they do it for difference reasons like for 1, it,s cleaner when they are on their period.
Is there any such thing as an Asian girl that shaves her pubic hair?
From what I know, Asian girls don't shave their pubic hair. It's as if the Asian culture has a law against removing it.
The ones here do. The Americanized ones are clean. I have done both ones here and there (real loose girls)
I am asian(m/15) and have a pretty round face. Should I get bangs with the sides pretty much shaved off?
Or what haircut should i get instead?
Round faces are so good with short, neck lengths, haircuts. And it would look soooo good with part to the bangs.
Do Asian women have to shave less than other races of women?
Do Asian women have to spend less time shaving their legs, armpits, etc. then white women? Someone told me that Asians don't grow hair as much? Is this true for both genders?
Asians have black hair and light skin which makes the hair quite visible although they are generally less hairy than brunette caucasian women. I agree blonde nordic women are the most hairless. I don't understand the fuss anyway, as long as a woman shaves her underarms, I don't mind some hair on the arms/legs. One thing I do like about asian women is the hair down there, neatly trimmed, it can look very womanly. The bare look is a turn off to me.
I´ve been shaving my Asian roommate´s hair a little bit every night for the last 3 weeks and she found out?
First she thought she was going bald but then she woke up while I was shaving her last night. Its so awkward, what do I do?
pmsl,what a great joke,but why did you do it?i would love to have seen her face lol
What kind of impression does a 14 year old with a shaved head give you?
What kind of impression does an Asian 14 year old with a completely shaved head give you?
personally, i wouldn't like it. i perfer dudes with hair.

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