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Is anyone interested in buying my used wet panties or lingerie?! ?
If so email me at or message me at lovely ladies00 on yahoo!!
Also check me out on ebay (buyer name) lovelyladies00
My panties are $25 (worn all day and overnight) and are sent with an autographed photo..shipping is free!

Xoxo Taylor
Wow. Do people have nothing else to do with their money?
There is this old guy who is always bugging me abt wanting to buy my used panties. he is offering new ones?
there is this VERY old guy who is always bugging me abt wanting to buy my used panties. he is offering new ones and money. has something like this every happened to u and wat did u do abt it? am i supposed to charge sales tax on it? i haven't sold or exchanged any yet but he is always following me and asking when i go to and from skool. he is always carrying new sexy panties and cash ready for the transaction.

giving away brand new panties and money in exchange for dirty smelly wet panties doesn't make sense. is the old man a fool?
I'd say that you've found an extremely easy way for you to make money and to help an ol;der guy out. Of course he gets turned on by them and will use them to masturbate. It doesn't mean he will try anything with you.

Tell him to drop the money on the ground and you will leave the panties when he backs away. Charge him $25 a pair and tell him you will sell him a pair any time he wants them. You might never have to work again!

Potty training cotton panties or pull ups to start?
i have both on hand and we're thinking of trying sometime in the next couple weeks. my daughter is 2 yrs, 4 months. do pampers confuse them? should i just use cotton panties? ive heard that wet panties are very uncomfortable and pampers stay dry like diapers. im pretty sure she'll like the pampers too much and use them like diapers. but what is best to start with?
pull ups are better, so she doesn't have an accident all over the floor, and then you have a bunch of underwear to wash too.
My panties are always wet no matter what i do. What could be the problem?
I am trying to get pregnant and i have used the drug clomid. I have a side pain in my belly but cant figure out why my undies are wet.
Probably your normal discharge, maybe it's 'more' than usual because you've been so, umm... active. If it's bothersome, you could wear pantyliners to help you feel fresh and dry.

Good luck, hope you get pregnant soon!

Edit: Oh, it would be helpful if you'd say which side the pain is on, could be a guyney infection or any number of things. I'd suggest checking in with your doc, to make sure everything is ok.
Am I the only person that sweat so much my panties are wet like i sat in water and my deodorant sweats off.?
OK, when it's hot like in the 90s I sweat uncontrollably and I used dove, lady speed stick, degree, and others but what could I use to smell fresh without smelling sour while at Cedar Point.
There are "clinical strength" antiperspirants available over the counter now. Sorry, but I am drawing a blank on the names :( .

Trust me - you are not the only one that sweats like that. I live in Florida and that is my life year-round, lol.
Very dirty (probably drunk) private email from en ex coworker, to my personal email. What do i do about it?
I know this guy, he is one of the talented guy i saw joined the company and worked up as a great artist. But he was shy and socially awkward. He is foreign. i don't really like him that much, he was just another co worker/artist. We both changed companies, i didnt see him for 6 months now. i heard from him via linked in recently, asking about how things are...and it kept going back and forth. It started to get personal, it wasn't harmful or anything, but the last email was, hey what are you doing for New years eve.I wanted to stop this and didn't respond. recently I received the following perverted email. I find it shocking, perverted and a bit funny. is he harassing me, should i do something about this. it is shocking coz he was a quiet nice person. can you do anything to your ex coworker legally. or should i just stay away from this person. the industry is very small and im sure we will meet again at some point, we might even have to work together.i dont even know if this is some kind of prank. i am not a person who gets a lot of you are pretty compliments either. im sort of scared. i dont know how to deal with this now.

please advice me.

Hey ....
Ok. I'm a perv. I admit it. Well, I was so turned on by you doing all that hair twirling, crossed legs, bare feet. I wanted to sniff your feet so bad, even thought of sniffing your skating boots, but I never had a chance. Anyways, I know you have a business mind. I would do anything to sniff your used panties.

I know you are not into this, I probably disgust you who cares. But, I don't care what you think. I will offer you a hundred bucks if you sell me one of your used wet panties, and 50 bucks more if you pee on one of your panties and sell it to me as it is being soaking wet. You don't have to talk to me, just sell it. And I'd be so happy. You don't have to tell anyone, I wont open my mouth about this to anyone. It is my fantasy sniffing the scent of your vagina.

You are older than me, so you know how it is. I'm 22 years old. I'm very curious. It got me thinking because you are not even a hot chick. You are a regular brainy chick, but your attitude, coming off so cute and innocent at the same time, being a biyotch at times. Ahhh that is so sexy. But I hope you understand how bad I need your dirty panties.

What do you say. I am not trying to touch you, make any physical contact with you. I don't even have any thoughts. All I wanna know is, your scent. I'm obsessed with the scents. You can call it creepy, perverted, weird. Whatever. Guess what, I'm harmless. I don't mean any harm to anybody.

I would choose your dirty panties over I don't know, lets say Kristin Stewart if I was being offered because I am more interested in getting who I am really attracted to.

If 100 dollars is not enough, tell me what you want. I will pay you.
Send him the dirty panties(;
Why do my panties always get dirty?
I shower and wash my crotch. I wipe after using the toilet, but my panties always get wet, smelly, and stained. I have to wear a pantyliner at all times. Is there something wrong with me?
Have you tried wiping with a wet wipe? Those remove more than dry tissue. Just don't try to flush more than one at a time and only ones marked flushable. Because it will stop the toilet up.

Is it discharge or mess from using the bathroom?

Alright, discharge can be a lot to hardly any. You can go to the gyno to see if you can be put on something to lessen it.
Have u been do this site?
it sells used wet panties in australia
uh wow
Wet patches on panties?
Ok I am 17 and whenever I see a cute guy my boobs swell up massively, hot flushes and get really wet down below. Is this normal?

I have asked my older sister about this and she says she used to have it but it gets better as you get older? I am just after serious and helpfull advice here? I am getting really self concious that everyone sees me.

My sister says a tampon can help with getting wet patches on yer underwear or going somewhere private and masturbating?

pls help!
Sexual arousal is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It probably a lot more apparent to you than it is to anyone around you, since it is something you are feeling within yourself. It likely isn't that obvious to the casual observer. After all, although YOU can feel that your panties are wet, no one can actually SEE that they are wet. It's your secret that you are extremely horny. I definitely recommend masturbating at every available opportunity.

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